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Welcome to the educational link to the NFB 2001 Everest Expedition. My name is Kevin Cherilla and I am a 7th and 8th grade physical education teacher from Phoenix, Arizona. I will be the base camp manager for the 2001 NFB Everest Expedition. Part of my duties as base camp manager will be doing daily correspondence with students and adults around the world sharing my thoughts and curriculum information.

I have put together many lesson plans for all of you to use in the classroom and to find out more about mountaineering and the people and country of Nepal. These lesson plans are a culmination of my ideas along with Kim Gattone’s, a sixth grade school teacher and mountaineer from Sante Fe, New Mexico and other educators from around the country. Kim Gattone was a climber on the South Col side of Mt. Everest in 2000 and will be a part of an expedition on the North Side this year.

Reba Bull, the wife of climber Brad Bull and one of our base camp staff, is a high school Spanish teacher from Denver, CO.  Please email her any questions you may have during our expedition.

Please utilize the lessons in your own creative way and modify them according to the academic levels of your students. Lesson 25 has other website links you can visit and expand your lessons.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call me before March 23 and/or email me during the expedition at:

Kevin Cherilla
[email protected]


Lesson 1 - NFB Everest Expedition
Lesson 2 - Overview of Geography
Lesson 3 - Plate Tectonics
Lesson 4 - Nepal
Lesson 5 - Kathmandu
Lesson 6 - Mountain Villages
Lesson 7 - Climate of Nepal
Lesson 8 - History of Nepal
Lesson 9 - People of Nepal
Lesson 10 - The Newars and Tamang
Lesson 11 - The Sherpas and Thakalis
Lesson 12 - The Gurkas,Brahmans, Cchetris, and Tharu
Lesson 13 - Food of Nepal
Lesson 14 - Hinduism and Buddhism
Lesson 15 - Yaks
Lesson 16 - The Arts
Lesson 17 - Flora and Fauna of Nepal
Lesson 18 - Training for the Climb
Lesson 19 - Climbing Vocabulary
Lesson 20 - Nepalese Vocabulary
Lesson 21 - The Physiology of High Altitude Climbing
Lesson 22 - Technology Used on the Mountain
Lesson 23 - 2001 NFB Everest Expedition Itinerary
Lesson 24 - Jobs on the Mountain
Lesson 25 - Internet Links to the Climb
Lesson 26 - Personal Equipment List
Lesson 27 - Curriculum Standards


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