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May 26, 2001

10:30AM: The team had a good night's rest at Camp 4 last night, -- as well as one can have at 26,000 feet! Their spirits are high (and likely to remain that way for a long time) from the big day yesterday. They departed for Camp 2 in teams, carrying their personal gear and oxygen bottles. They are presently coming down the Geneva Spur, across the Yellow Band, and down the Lhotse Face. It is expected to take two to three hours for the team to reach Camp 2. Expedition leader, Pasquale Scaturro, departed Camp 2 for Base Camp this morning. The team's work is not over until they are safely down to Base Camp with all of the gear. The Sherpas are carrying double and tripple loads to get everything off the mountain. Base Camp members are looking forward to safely receiving each climber across the last ladder in the Icefall, and having everyone together in Base Camp!

May 25, 2001

4:00PM: The climbers are all coming into Camp 4 at the South Col where they will be spending the night. Chris arrived at 12:00 noon. Michael Brown and Jeff arrived at 3:15PM. Erik W, Brad, Sherm, Charlie, and Mike O just arrived at 3:30PM, Didrik, Eric and Luis at 4:00PM. We are all relieved that the team is safely in Camp 4. They are eating, sleeping and, we're sure, telling stories of their summit! The plan is for the team to move back to Camp 2 tomorrow, then back to Base Camp the following day.

11:30AM: At 10:45AM, Mike O'Donnell and Didrik made the summit! This makes 11 out of 13 team members who've summited this morning. All members are on their way down at this moment. P.V. is also traveling from Camp 3 to Camp 2. He is feeling better, but he thinks he came down with the flu which has been going around camp. In addition to our friends and loved ones, all 8 of our Sherpas have summited today as well. They are: Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa, Chhuldim Nuru Sherpa, Ang Passang Sherpa, Ang Kami Sherpa, Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa, Pemba Choti Sherpa, Purba Bote, and Ang Sona Sherpa. We have successfully set three new world records this morning:

1.  Erik Weihenmayer is the first blind man to summit Mount Everest.

2.  Brad Bull and Sherman Bull are the first father and son team to summit
Mount Everest together on the same expedition(during the same season).

3.  Sherman Bull, at age 64, is the 
oldest person to successfully summit Mount Everest.

What an incredible day!

10:30AM: GREAT SUMMIT NEWS!!! At 9:10AM Luis, Erik W, Eric A, Jeff, and Brad were approaching the summit. At 9:30AM, Brad and Chris Morris reached the summit. At 9:40AM, Brad, Sherm and Chris head down from the summit. At 9:55AM, P.V. radioed to report a weather change. Clouds are coming in and he requested the climbers to go down. At 10:00AM, Luis, Erik W, Eric A and Jeff reached the summit. Michael Brown and Charley Mace followed shortly there after. By 10:15AM, Kami reported that all 8 Sherpas had summited. Didrik and Michael O'Donnell are above the Hillary Step and within site of the summit. All climbers who have summited are now headed down to the South Col. We'll post good news soon! This is history!!!

8:54AM: At 8:15AM Sherman Bull became the oldest man to stand on the top of the world!!! What a thrilling moment!!! Sherman was accompanied by Lakpa Sherpa. Currently, everyone is at the South Summit or above. This is the strongest team on the mountain. Stay tuned!!!

7:30AM: Brad called in at 7:10AM stating that he was alone at the South Summit. His father, Sherman, is ahead of him with a Sherpa, in the middle of the Hillary Step, blazing a trail for the rest of the team. The rest of the team is about a half hour behind Brad, just below the South Summit. More updates as they come in!

6:30AM: The entire team is approaching the South Summit. Jeff had trouble with a leaking oxygen regulator, but it is now 100% resolved. The lines have been fixed and our team is on the move to the summit!!! Kami anticipates it will be two to three hours before they reach the summit.

5:40AM: The team checked in at 28,025 feet. They are on their way!!! The weather has greatly improved. The skies are perfectly clear, with pink and orange tints from the glow of the sun. They said they had great views. Kami informed us that all of the climbers are above the Balcony; waiting for some lines to be fixed. Two sherpas are currently fixing the ropes.

4:00AM: It is cold and windy up high. But, the climbers have made a group decision to press on through the storm to stay warm. Here in Base Camp, we are seeing clear skies and the sun is beginning to light up the peaks! This is great news for the climbers, both for warmth and natural light.

3:00AM: Michael Brown reported continued snow. However, Kami reports clearing skies and visible stars all around from Camp 2. The bad weather seems to be above the team, but moving out.

2:00AM: We heard from Erik Weihenmayer at the Balcony. He sounded unbelievably clear and great! The team has remained very close to one another. Steve Gipe and P.V. have both turned around and are now safely back at Camp 4. They are directing and encouraging the rest of the team from their tents. We just heard Michael Brown on the radio, calling from on top of the balcony; he too sounded excellent!

The current weather conditions at approximately 27,000 feet are windy and snowy. The weather report shows wind, but clear skies. Here in Base Camp, it's a starry and clear night. While sending this update, word came in that Jeff and luis just arrived on the Balcony.

12:30AM: Shortlly after 11:00PM, Brad reported that Michael Brown and Charlie were out front. Chris, Brad, Erik, W. and Ang Passang Sherpa were at the base of the Balcony. The other team members are close behind.

At 12:30AM, Kami Sherpa reported that Pasquale has turned around due to the fact that he does not feel well. He is returning to Camp 4 at the South Col.

May 24, 2001

10:00PM: The team is on the move. We haven't heard anything from them since they left. We will update as soon as we hear from them. Here in base camp, everyone is drinking coffee, playing games and eagerly awaiting the next radio call.

8:45 PM: The climbers have all left Camp 4 for the summit. We sent our 13 climbers and 8 sherpas off with good wishes, music and cheers. It's really happening!

We will have hourly updates from this point through the summit. Keep following closely, everyone is feeling great and the weather report is positive. Clear skies and minimal winds.

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