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April 18, 2001

From: Didrik Johnck

Chris Morris checks for a break in the weather from the warm confines of his tent. Photo by Didrik Johnck

  Erik's audio dispatch will be broadcast from this radio. Photo by Kim Johnson

Brad and Reba play poker dice with the winner getting back rubs.Photo by Didrik Johnck.

Charley Mace relaxes in his tent after a big lunch of potatoes. Photo by Didrik Johnck
With half of the team up in Camp 1, the rest of us left base camp this morning at 5 AM to meet our commrades at 1 and then move onto Camp 2. The skies were cloudy and overcast, with light snowfall, but we decided to head into the icefall anyway. Then the radio calls came in from Kami at Camp 2 and Luis at Camp 1. Apparently, the tents were flapping up at Camp 2, fighting 40-50 MPH winds. No one was moving at Camp 1 where the winds were considerably less, but the driving snow was not a welcome sight. After a quick meeting in the middle of the icefall, we decided to head back to base camp and wait out the storms at Camp 1 and 2. The storm soon descended the mountain -- arriving in base camp with no wind, but dropping about three inches of snow. All of us, now weathered in at base camp, spent our time doing various things -- Steve, Charley, Chris, and Jeff slept, while PV and I passed away hours in the love dome drinking tea, eating junk food and downloading photos and typing dispatches, and Brad and Reba had a marathon game of poker dice.

It's 8 PM now and the skies are clear, so it looks like we'll head up to Camp 2 tomorrow morning for a week of acclimitization and carries to 3.

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