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  April 11, 2001
[Moon over Everest]
Moon over Everest.

From: Michael Brown for Kim Johnson, Charley Mace and the rest of the team.

Film crew is alive and well in Everest Base Camp. We are well on our way to making a documentary film, Vision of Everest. Kim Johnson, Charlie Mace and I are busy organizing gear and shooting the place and the activities of the rest of the team.

On the 6th we went up to about 18,000-ft on Mount Pumori to get a shot of the full moon rising over Mount Everest. All of this high-altitude activity sometimes causes us to get a little dizzy and sometimes downright cold. Tomorrow we climb to Camp I and the following day to Camp II and then back down to Base Camp.

Charlie and I went up through the Khumbu Ice Fall with the climbers on the 8th. We shot sequences of the team crossing ladders and climbing huge ice seracs. I walked across a three ladder span with the camera pointed down to get a shot deep into a crevasse. The ladders are the same shiny aluminium ones we have at home tied together with thin rope. The best sequence was when Erik Weihenmayer crossed his first ladder. It was a three ladder span that listed to one side. He did very well and crossed about as fast as anyone. It helps that he could not see down into the wicked looking crevasse below.

These were my 11th and 12th trips through the Ice Fall. We crossed it ten times last year for our 2000 climb. There is absolutely no resemblance from year to year. In the time between seasons the ice moves so much that it creates a whole new set of obstacles. To me it seems a little more dangerous and difficult than it was last year. Still spectacular though and a great place for shooting HD video.

Thanks for following the web site and we promise to bring you spectacular images from the expedition.

Regards to all,


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